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I am very happy to recommend F-Secure for online protection, I like the peace of mind it provides on my Windows PC. I'm days away from making a decision to buy an Ultrathin device which will be perfect for when I'm travelling, and I'll definitely be installing F-Secure.

I might even be taking that 'great-leap-of-faith' and changing to a Mac OS.

The good news is F-Secure has a product for the Mac, so all is potentially well in my world. Incidentally, that 'leap-of-faith' I mentioned is to do with my ability to learn a new OS and successfully run the both simultaneously, because most of my SME clients will be using Windows for a long time to come.

A little bit about my exposure to the MacBook Air

I was somewhat hooked by the Currys and PC World Sales guy, I'll admit, but, I also know deep down inside the added security such a robust OS will provide. Many of my friends and colleagues are already Mac evangelists and they've all had a moment in our relationship when they've attempted to convert me.

The MacBook Air is undeniably gorgeous and is the standard that all the new ultrathin devices aspire to.  The Acer, Asus and Dell come very close indeed. If I choose the Mac it will be because I consider the keyboard to be more superior than the others. You have to be prepared to spend time using the keyboards on the demo machines to appreciate this – well, you will, if you are a touch-typist. 

I liked what Mark the Sales guy had to say about the Thunderbolt feature –  he is the store manager, and he had just returned from a seminar at Apple HQ. (I'm very impressed with the standards of CRM at my local store, all the tech guys are delighted to spend time talking with customers, and in my case it was a lengthy time because I was set on getting as much info as possible).

Although I can't make best use of the Thunderbolt port at the moment, due to the delivery of low broadband speeds on ancient copper to my home, there will come a time in the not too distant future, when I'll benefit from greater internet speeds, so I'll be able to hitch up the 27" Thunderbolt Display to the Macbook Air and enjoy some of those awesome features.  [I really hope you’re reading this @BTCare].

Matt Burns for TechCrunch tells us:

"Thunderbolt is fast — really fast. The standard is rated at 10 Gbps over two channels, which works out to transferring a Blu-ray disc in less than 30 seconds. That’s 20 times faster than USB 2.0, and 12 times faster than the industry speed demon, FireWire 800. Engadget stated in an early Thunderbolt MacBook Pro demo they watched a 5GB file transfer in “just a few seconds.” 

Superfast Broadband speed brings superfast delivery of threats too. No matter how fast your Broadband speed is I urge you to take a common sense approach and get protection for your devices.

All F-Secure’s security products, including F-Secure Internet Security 2012, are based on the same technology as F-Secure Client Security that received the AV-TEST Best Protection 2011 award.

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