LinkedIn Group or Facebook Group, it's all the same when it comes to successful managing and moderating.

The number of on-line communities managed by our team is growing.

Our Moderators and Managers are gaining in expertise and continue to endeavour to bring an intelligent and  balanced  approached to the task.

If you need help to grow your on-line community, to manage and moderate the content, TO NURTURE AND VALUE YOUR COMMUNITY MEMBERS, we'll bring our expertise to your assistance.


Nurturing an on-line community takes skill, patience and time!

We are proud to say that Virtual Assistants in Wales has been working in partnership with Next Dimension Media for many years on a project that has built a very large and successful global on-line community of IT professionals.

The project is sponsored by The Oracle Corporation one of the largest world-wide providers of IT software. It is the perfect place for listening in to what discerning professionals are thinking and saying about all sorts of diverse IT related issues and topics.  

It allows members to get inside the heads of the broader community who are thinking about wide-ranging issues such as Broadband speed, 'Cloud' take-up, MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) qualification, Mobile Comms, Green IT and many, many more stimulating topics. 

What we have contributed is a sound structure for the management of these on-line communities – did I mention a second specialist group kicked off in September 2011 as a direct result of the successful 1st group, and I can also report that a third specialist group launched early in the Spring 2012. All three online communities are managed and moderated by Virtual Assistants in Wales. 

Our Virtual Assistants are managing and moderating a world-wide membership base beyond 55,000 professionals in the IT industry and Retail Sales sector.  

We deliver this two-tier system as a combined package, or independently if the need is for 'just management' or 'just moderation'.

Dave, a Director at Next Dimension Media and Wordzone,  reveals the secrets to successful management of social media groups for those considering setting up, let's say a LinkedIn Group, but the same is most definitely true of a Facebook or a Ning Community.  

There is currently an interesting debate about whether the Facebook Group is better than the Facebook Page, and this brief blog explains it quite clearly.

Unless you are realistic about the groundwork that has to be done in setting up the group, and the professional standards adopted in moderating, managing and nurturing the group, it just won't bring the required results.  It doesn't happen over-night!



<a data-cke-saved-href='' href='' title='WordZone Ltd – GuruOnline Interview – How do you stop social media taking too much management time?'>WordZone Ltd – GuruOnline Interview – How do you stop social media taking too much management time?</a></br>



<a data-cke-saved-href='' href='' title='WordZone Ltd – GuruOnline Interview – Why do you need moderators?'>WordZone Ltd – GuruOnline Interview – Why do you need moderators?</a></br>

The work we carried out in The Business Technology Forum on LinkedIn was nominated in the Computer Weekly Social Media Awards, 29th November 2011 .  

Our work gained notable recognition in the Social Media industry by being placed second.

Make contact with @LadyBizBiz on Twitter if you need advice about strengthening the management of your online community. 



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"She has played a key role in making the project a success since April 2010". Dave Sumner Smith Wordzone Ltd

"In every situation that she has worked on a project for me, the results have been exemplary." M Briercliffe Next Dimension Media

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The video above was made for integration into the E-Crime Wales Summit 2011 as part of their Trust & Security Advice for SME's

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